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Ok so you have seen the pictures, videos, you tubes, demonstration, etc., and want to take up this fantastic sport but where do you begin.

Firstly peruse this web site and take in some of the information. There is a lot of detailed information on this site but to start I will cover some of the most commonly asked questions. This information is specific to the UK and if flying abroad it is advisable to contact a local instructor or pilot  for more information. For other information try PilotsPPGclubUK.

Please note; airsports are VERY DANGEROUS if you don't do it right. Get training from a qualified professional instructor (try for a start) and don't just take something you read on the Internet as correct or true. Save money, save your life, get properly trained. Be careful.

How much?..  A wing and motor will cost from £2000 second hand, to £7500 for top of the range new gear.
Do I need a licence?.. No
Do I need a medical?.. No
Do I need to be fit?.. You have to be reasonably fit and not have any major back problems, reasonable eyesight is also necessary but several older, less fit people have taken up the sport, it just takes a bit longer.
Do I need training?.. Not compulsory but very advisable. (See Instructors section).
Do I need insurance?.. Not compulsory but very advisable. (See insurance section)
Am I too heavy?.. No there are setups that can launch two people.
How fast can I fly?.. Up to 30 MPH
How far can I fly?.. Hundreds of miles if the wind is in the right direction.
How long can I fly for...1½ to 4 hours without refuelling, with the right equipment.
Can I get it in my car?.. Most motors can be dismantled to fit in an average sized car and the wing packs up to rucksack size.
Is it dangerous?.. Yes but no more than taking part in many other outdoor sports like riding a motorbike.
Can I just take off from a field ?.. Provided you have the owners permission, it is not within 500ft of somebody else's house/structure etc, and is not in controlled airspace and subject to all of  the rules in the ANO.
Is the cheap equipment on Ebay OK?.. Some is, some isn't, remember it is an auction and you can end up with something totally unsuitable or even dangerous.
Where can I fid out more?.. Instructors, BHPA, clubs, local pilots, web sites etc
What can I not do?.. Fly closer than 500ft to people structures etc., public parks, congested areas controlled airspace etc.

Please note:-
The use of PPG equipment is NOT "unregulated" . You need to fly it in accordance with a set of laws contained in the Air Navigation Order, the Environmental Health Act, the Criminal and Civil Laws concerning Duty of Care and Negligence, Local Council 28 day, noise and nuisance rules, and a host of other legislation....

Fly Save and Have Fun.